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textTraceability solution on the production chain.

Amaztrace reveals the origin of every product

At Amaztrace, each product tells a unique and authentic story. We ensure the origin, quality, and positive impact of every item, bringing confidence and awareness into the hands of consumers. With traceability as our tool, we unravel the secrets of the production chain, connecting people and valuing every step of the process, enabling the increase in the value of the final product and generating more revenue for all parties involved.


Our vision

We are committed to the sustainable development of the Amazon. We aim to empower the community and provide quality products to consumers without compromising the environment.


Our mission

Our mission is to add value to Amazonian products through the guarantee of traceable origin certification. This allows us to provide our customers with a way to verify the authenticity and quality of the products, adding value and credibility to their businesses.


Our values

We believe in values such as justice, empowerment, recognition of work, creativity, and innovation. These principles guide our company in all decisions and actions, aiming to build a fair and sustainable world for everyone.


Our culture

We are a diverse team united by the mission to promote transparency and the appreciation of people. We encourage creativity and innovation, constantly seeking ways to overcome challenges and find sustainable solutions.


1.1 What is AMAZTRACE SaaS?

AMAZTRACE SaaS is a software as a service (SaaS) system designed to assist in product management and traceability, offering an online platform for tracking and controlling information related to the production chain.

1.2 What are the usage rights for AMAZTRACE SaaS?

By acquiring AMAZTRACE SaaS, the user obtains licenses to use the software, without the possibility of resale, rental, or commercial transfer of usage rights. The licenses are valid for the exclusive use of the registered user.

1.3 How is AMAZTRACE SaaS provided?

AMAZTRACE SaaS is provided in a rental model, with monthly payment according to the quantity of licenses contracted. Each license allows user access to the system, with the possibility of acquiring additional licenses as needed.

1.4 What are the system requirements for AMAZTRACE SaaS to function?

AMAZTRACE SaaS was developed to work on the main operating systems (Windows and MacOSX) and browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari), ensuring compatibility and accessibility for users.